AdaroDirect Terms and Conditions

I. Customer Policy

The Adaro Direct Customer Policy is designed to promote patient health through the responsible and safe distribution of contact lenses and accessories delivered direct to patient’s home on behalf of Customers (Optical retailer). Adaro Direct is a delivery and logistics service and not a manufacturer or supplier of products. Therefore all product liabilities remain with the manufacturers and suppliers of the products delivered.

II. Claims Relating to Delivery

All deliveries are dispatched using international postal services unless a courier service is specified and the deliveries are therefore subject to the reliability of that service. Adaro Direct will ensure shipments are dispatched in a timely manner and without damage to the goods or packaging.
Damaged Goods
Goods damaged in transit must be notified through our customer service department immediately on discovery of damage. The customer must hold all damaged Goods for a reasonable time to enable Adaro Direct to inspect them and verify that they are damaged.
The non-delivery of orders must be notified through our customer service department within 7 days of the estimated delivery date of the order. If goods cannot or are refused to be accepted by the patient then the goods will be delivered to the Customer.
Short Delivery
Claims in respect of short delivery must be notified through and agreed with our customer service department within 7 working days of receipt of goods.

III. Returns Policy

Goods ordered through Adaro Direct are ordered with suppliers through your supplier’s customer account and therefore the return of product to suppliers is subject to your suppliers' purchasing policy and returns policy. Shipping and postage charges are the responsibility of the Customer unless otherwise indicated. Returns due to shipping error will only be credited at times of receipt of goods in acceptable conditions as stated above.The customer is fully responsible for ordering correctly and ensuring the prescription and details of the patients are up to date and valid. No refunds of service charges will be given for incorrect ordering. The product refund, as stated above, is at the discretion of the supplier.All returns should be posted back to:

Returns Department, Adaro Direct, The Willows, Marden, Kent , TN12 9QJ, UK.

Adaro Direct reserves the right to charge the customer for any transport, storage or other costs reasonably incurred if for any reason the patient is not able to promptly accept the goods tendered for delivery.

IV. Order Handling and Charges

Adaro Direct will place orders of behalf of the Customer with suppliers. The Customer gives full authorization for the Adaro Direct service to place orders with suppliers on their behalf using their account. The goods ordered by Adaro Direct on behalf of the Customer will be treated in the same manner by the supplier as orders placed directly with the supplier. All invoicing and payment collection of goods from the customer remain the responsibility of the supplier. The Adaro Direct service will be charged on a per delivery rate dependant on the location of the Customer. The patient portal service will be charged as a transaction fee. Please note that the customer is responsible for ensuring the correct order value is entered on the Patient Portal.

a.) Adaro Direct (the home delivery service)
Your practice pays Adaro Direct a service fee per delivery. This fee covers the cost of the online management system, ordering, fully branded packaging, storage and shipping. The cost of the lenses and accessories themselves will continue to be invoiced from your supplier as normal under your existing supplier’s customer account. The fee is only £3.49 for UK based practices.
b.) Lens Reorder (the patient portal)
A transaction fee applies for use of the optional patient portal (lensreorder) in addition to the service fee. These costs are charged to the (main) account balance at the time of the order placement from the patient. The transaction fee is £1.95 for cards for UK based practices.

V. Account Balance

The account balance can be topped up via the Adaro Direct payment facility. If the 'automatic top up' is selected then the Customer allows Adaro Optics Ltd to debit the customer's card with the amount selected once the balance of the account reaches a level less than the charge of one delivery. Adaro Direct is a pre-pay model, similar to a Pay & Go mobile phone. You can top up automatically, so that each time your account balance is low, it is automatically recharged with an amount of your choice. Depending on your individual preference, you can select an amount between £50 and £500. Alternatively, you also have the option of making manual payments. However you have to ensure that your balance does cover the service fees when placing an order. Your Adaro Direct balance can be looked up at any time via accessing your personal account. Moreover, your security is always protected; if the automatic top up option is selected, we merely store the last four digits of your card on our secured systems. We register your card with the bank on setup and use this reference for all future transactions.

VI. Adaro Direct Account Management

In order to create a transparent and logical arrangement of your transactions, Adaro Direct provides two separate accounts [fiscal assets / entities]: An ‘account balance’, i.e. the actual Adaro Direct deposit, displayed in the main menu bar on the left, as well as your personal ‘collection balance’, which lists patient payments conducted on (optional). The Adaro ‘account balance’ solely displays the remaining credit you have with Adaro Direct. Therefore this account is exclusively debited with Adaro Direct service fees (to the conditions listed above) which are due for each order triggered.As a supplementary option, we collect your patients’ payments through the patient portal (on This ‘collection balance’ then displays all payments made by your patients, whereas the amount of each order has to be determined by yourself on (in section ‘patients’, ‘patient portal settings’). Therefore it lists all payments collected on your behalf through the patient portal. Since you are responsible for setting the prices yourself (not only for the product itself but also service / shipping fees), payments conducted via the patient portal ( are collected here and transferred to your bank account on a monthly basis.

VII. Liability

Adaro Direct shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss or damage whatsoever sustained by the Customer as a result of any failure to comply with any estimated delivery date. Adaro Direct shall not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the Customer or their patients’ resulting from defects in the Goods delivered or from the Customer’s failure to use the Goods in accordance with their intended purpose. Adaro Optics Ltd has no liability for any indirect or consequential losses suffered by the Customer however caused.
  a.) Force Majeure
Adaro Direct shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss or damage sustained by the Customer as a result of any delay in performing or any failure to perform any of Adaro Direct’s obligations where that delay or failure is due to any event or circumstance beyond Adaro Direct’s reasonable control (including, but without limitation, Acts of God, war, armed conflict, riot, industrial action involving employees of Adaro Direct or a third party, defaults by the suppliers or sub-contractors or any measures of a governmental or inter-governmental authority).

VIII. Privacy

The following provides an overview of how we protect your privacy, as well as the privacy of your patients, in your dealings with Adaro Direct:

a.) What information do we gather?

Your business contact details, delivery details and invoicing information. With regards to patients we will only collect and hold that information which is required to carry out direct to patient deliveries on your behalf, that is name, prescription and delivery information.

b.) How do we use this information?

The information we collect is used for the purchasing, invoicing and delivery of products from all your activated suppliers. The patient information we hold is held to allow Adaro Direct to deliver products on behalf of yourself to your patients. If we should have to collect and use data for other purposes, we would inform you beforehand.

c.) Who else has access to this information?

Adaro Direct is an Adaro Optics Ltd service and part of the Adaro Group of companies. Your information may be shared within our Group of companies via our secure systems. It will only be used in accordance with UK law and our Data Privacy Policy, and will be held securely. We will not share your personal information with any third party, except where necessary to meet your requirements.

d.) Sensitive personal data

We do not seek to collect or hold any sensitive personal information for the purposes of purchasing products. We hold patient information for the sole purpose of delivering product on your behalf. If we do at any point collect sensitive personal data then we would seek your permission at the point of collection.

e.) Access to your information

You are entitled to have access to information we hold about you and have it corrected if it is inaccurate. If you would like to have access or have any questions regarding privacy, please send a request in writing to our privacy officer at the address below.
Privacy Officer
Adaro Optics Limited
The Willows
Pattenden Lane
TN12 9QJ

IX. Jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

X. Cancellation Right

You may cancel the top up amount ordered on the Website within 7 working days following the day your order is accepted. To cancel the payment please contact Customer Service (either by phone or email) to request a returns reference.

XI. Contacting us

If you have any comments or concerns about material which appears on our Website, please contact:

Adaro Optics Customer Service
T: 0844 8000 951

Registered Office

Adaro Optics Limited
The Willows
Pattenden lane